If you’re thinking of starting a business or have recently started one, contact us today for a free initial consultation where you can discuss any questions you have with an experienced chartered accountant.

Talk to us about our ‘start-up incubator’ which is designed to nurture your business in those critical first years. Our ‘start up incubator’ includes attractive discounted rates to help your early stage business grow. We’ll also be able to fix the fee and agree it in advance so that you have complete visibility and there are no nasty surprises.

We can help with:

  • The right business structure for you (e.g. Sole trader, limited company, etc);
  • Setting up your account with HMRC;
  • What records you need to keep and the best way to keep them;
  • Choosing software;
  • Whether you need to register with a regulator;
  • What information your invoices should show;
  • What you need to do if you’re thinking of employing someone;
  • Whether you should register for VAT and the best VAT scheme for you;
  • Assessing the risks you face;
  • Assisting you with setting up and reviewing your business plans and forecasts

Business Plans

Having a strong business plan is fundamental if you’re starting (or expanding) a business. It adds value when you’re looking to obtain finance or investment for your business; gives you direction and focus and above all helps you to confirm your business makes financial sense.

We can help you prepare your business plan, review your forecasts and guide you through the process of starting your own business.


Forecasting your business performance and cash requirements can be a valuable for any business owner or manager. It allows you to devise realistic targets to work towards and so can actually serve to drive your business forwards.

Forecasting your business’ cash requirements is not only good for your business but not doing so can even affect your business’ survival. Perfectly profitable businesses can fail as a result of a lack of cash and there is often most danger of this when you may least expect it – for example, when you’re growing rapidly.

We can work with you to prepare quality forecasts on which you can make business decisions.

We forecast with flexibility in mind so that we can easily update for changes in income, the timing of receipts or alterations in costs as you progress though the forecast period.

We’ll even fix our fee for your certainty.


Full Telephone and Email Support

When you’re starting out in business you’ll inevitably have a lot of questions and that’s why we offer full telephone and email support for general business advice as standard, so you can be comfortable that we’re not charging you just for picking up the phone or responding to your email.

We’ll always respond to you rapidly as we understand that you’re looking for answers quickly.


Registration with HMRC

When you’re starting out in business you’ll need to register with various HMRC departments and possibly for various different taxes. As a start-up client of Bothwells, you can relax and leave all of these registrations to us – completely free of charge.



Pro-Active advice throughout

With extensive experience across a wide range of industries and market segments we’ll do more than simply prepare your accounts and tax return; we’ll actively look for opportunities for you to grow your business; save you time and save you tax.


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